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Members' news

This page is for out members' news, including their writing experiences, credits, and other highlights they want to share with the membership, as well as news about what members are up to.

New!! Medical Examiner Notes

An Edmonton Inkster, Anne Rothery, has kindly lent us her detailed notes taken from a tour of the ME's office in Edmonton. For copies of additional information, contact our webmail address and your request will be passed on to Anne.

New!! What's in a name?

Have you ever wondered where the name John Doe, used by police to designate an unidentified person, originates? To satisfy your curiousity, read on.

How not to Rob a Bank

Here's a little humour from the other side of the banking business. Good for a laugh. Excerpts from Tim Clark's "How Not to Rob a Bank" .

Trivia Contest

Penury Press is holding a monthly trivia contest promoting and celebrating a mystery author per month. Go to and click on the contest link. Answer the guestion correctly and send your response to the contest email address posted on the site to be entered into a drawing for the possibility to win a free mystery from Penury Press.

Member Photo album

Nina Evashkevich has kindly submitted group photos she took of Ink members (present and past) at our May meeting last year.

Please submit your ideas or material for our web site to